Monday, February 26, 2007

Obsessive Compulsion (by Calvin Klein)

Somebody save me from myself.

I just ordered yarn to start my first sweater. I've knit socks and hats and scarves and blankets and square shawls. I've knit all manner of lace and cable... but I've never really had to make something *fit* before.

And I have a mild but nagging relationship with OCD. Not "Monk" level. Not even worth the price of therapy. Just enough to make me weird. Case in point: this is the *fourth* introductory blog post I've put up. And I didn't just edit the others into the ground. No, no, no, not your AntiM; I edited them lightly, then I edited them hard and fast, then I changed their whole feel and theme and subject, then I changed blog templates, then I screwed with the font, then I changed some words, then I spoke some Spanish, then I cut-n-pasted, then I saved the end result to a Word document and deleted the post wholesale. THREE TIMES.

Good luck and gods willing and I won't delete this one because it wasn't good enough. Or involve enough Spanish.

[Does anybody remember the SNL spoof of the Calvin Klein Obsession ads?

"A little club soda will get that out..."

Laughed so hard I almost snorked my nose inside out. See: funny 'cause it's true.]

Now, I've been lurking around knitblogs for awhile now, and I am greatly comforted by the fact that knitters tend toward a little OCD. Perhaps it's only knitters who blog. Oh, and have cats. Because all the ones I've read that I really like occasionally (or often) feature the bloggers' cats. So if you knit, blog and love you a cat, you probably have some little perfectionist problem.

I'm not sayin'... I'm just sayin'.

This is *not* what I had in mind for my first post. I wanted to be witty, knitty and compelling. I wanted clever. But if I don't for-fuck's-sake just write something and post it, we could be here 'til the rapture (is that supposed to be capitalised?) waiting for me to be cute.

So the girl who took a week to post-and-delete and finally post and STICK, DAMNIT, STICK! is now going to try to knit a sweater.

Gods help us all...

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Marcia said...

You're fucking cute, dammit. So cute that I'm going to have to tell someone about you, and then they'll tell somebody else and little by little you will become the next big thing and get more comments than I do, which isn't that hard to do, but still, even though nobody has ever really said it out loud, there are only so many comments in this world to go around, but you are so damn cute, I'm willing to take that chance. In fact, right now, you are pretty much stealing this comment from a less cuter someone's blog.

And so it begins.


And welcome.