Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am a Grateful Show-Off

LOOK! This is the last batch of stuff before I hid my camera cable from myself.

I love it! My swap pal is the BEST! She's so awfully clever - just look at the knitting pirates.

There's more! I've received a full complement of spiffy stuff from Swap Pal.

More will come, but until then, oooh and aaah at the pretty, pretty bounty.

Still-secret Swap Pal, I am truly grateful despite my callous ways.

And this! Because The Moo loves me, she has contributed to my collection of Stupid Sparkly Sweethearts!

I'm going for eBay glory one of these days...

And a SKULL bag. For the grocery store. So the crunchy granola kids who check me out at Sunflower Market can tell me how rad I am.

Yep. Those are my friends: giving me the illusion of radosity for nearly 43 years now.


Anonymous said...

Your Swap Pal, I'm telling you this right now, is The BOMBdiggity. Just you wait.

The Moo, I now know from personal experience, is also awesome.

And me --- well, apparently I'm magic.

Anonymous said...

Diggin' those paper clips and the Treasure Island glass. You have yourself one spiffy swapper. And pretty handy doctoring up those statues!!

Marin (AntiM) said...

I have long sensed that, Kim, but I'm glad for the additional validation.

The knitting additions to the pirates is pure genius. I am in awe.

Plus? Hans got this really pretty cobalt blue paper clip awhile back and he's been lording it over me and I've been threatening to steal it... then I got the best office supplies EVER and Hans is so jealous.