Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mommy, Where Do Monsters Come From?

If you're very lucky, Monsters come from Jennifer by way of Nathan.

When the Monster Revolution comes, Jennifer and Nathan will be in the clear.

The rest of us should start tending our Monsters toward this end.

NOTE: If I were half-brained these days, I would've remembered to give Jennifer a shout out for being the creative force behind Cotton Monster and my new best friend. Better late than never?


CatKnits said...

Misplaced your e-mail, but I see it's here. None the less, I thought I would do it this way....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a Monster of a Day!

Marin (AntiM) said...

I like it. It shows style.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, for the linky. Now I can't decide which color. LOL! The world's problems don't amount to a hill of beans, when you can't choose your monster.

Mistrmi said...

(Staying with the cute monster thing.)

Marin (AntiM) said...

Oops... sorry Moo. I left you hanging there for, like, ever.

I *really* like the dinosaurs (in particular), Kim.