Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lake 2009

If you're a weather dork or you live in Denverish, you know that last night brought a storm of legendary proportion.

I drove through a nasty bit of that storm last night and I'm tired. I think I may have been struck by lightning, my head's so fuzzy.

So I'm not going to be clever, not going to do a lot of footnotes.

Let's just let The Lake speak (mostly) for itself, shall we?

The ranger station says these fish are in Lake McConaughy

The ranger station also wants you to know how heavy record fish are, so they provide conveniently weighted examples for your educational entertainment.

Matt purchased this sombrero at the dollar store especially for the trip. He told his 13-year-old daughter he would be wearing the sombrero and nothing else at some point during their vacation. This led to many frantic hatnappings. Also? The hat bled pink all over Matt's nice Bronco shirt. His daughter things it served him right.

Inflatable Items was a big theme this year.

Matt, deflating at the end of the day, looked like Godzilla over a floatie Tokyo. That's what Shannon said, in any case, and it drove the rest of us to sing Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla" all afternoon.

The kids, of course had a marvelous time. With much threatening and cajoling, they were grouped for a nice group picture.

And a goofy group picture.

Braden and Chris, plotting the demise of their sisters.

Mary, my little datesake

It takes a floating village...

Or a floating train...

Braden discovers the projectile capabilities of a water noodle.

Curtis rides the shark, which is not at ALL like jumping the shark.


Curtis and his harem

A bad day to be a frog

Saturday was windy. The lake was choppy.

The boats danced

As did the porta-potty

And the people. The people danced. I so wish you could've seen it.

Shanny rescued Mary

And we went for the traditional farewell dinner. Peanuts on the floor, country music on the TV and over the speakers...

On the way home? Never seen the Colorado plains so green. Plus... cows!

FOOTNOTE (crossed): Literally AND figuratively.

FOOTNOTE (double-crossed): Just that last one. And this one.

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