Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Couple of White Chicks Sitting Around Talking About Chickens

Marin: I can't wait until Mary Beth posts pictures of freshly-delivered chicks, right out of the box.

She BETTER post pictures.

Cassandra: otherwise, you'll cut a bitch?

Marin: I'm curious as to how chickens are packed for shipping.

And, yeah, when my curiosity is thwarted, I can get fucking BREEZY.

Cassandra: ok

how much do you love me?

Marin: More than chocolate.

Cassandra: no, HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE ME

Marin: SO VERY MUCH... why?

Cassandra: Ready?

Marin: sitting down...


(the page header ALONE...)

Marin: O M G

I may love you more than chicken permits.

Cassandra: I'm SAYIN'

Marin: "Shipping chickens from one place to another is easy if you know what to do."

Cassandra: ah, would t'were it ture

Marin: I wonder how many Google hits a day "How to ship a chicken by express mail" gets.

Cassandra: "pop the chicken in the box...."!

god, the interent is good

Marin: It seems like the Dark Ages when we didn't have it right here, educating us about lipstick and chicken shipping.

I think I like saying "chicken shipping" even more than I like saying "chicken permit."

Cassandra: heh

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