Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's the Law

Murphy's Law, that is.

I am currently working on the due diligence for a good-size oil & gas divestiture.

Usually, I work for the buyer, helping him determine whether there are all kinds of icky problems and if it's worth the money he's planning on spending.

This is the fourth time I'm working for the seller, helping him get his ducks in a row, answer the questions of the buyers and prepare the myriad paperwork that goes into closing one of these deals.

In every due diligence I've ever worked for a buyer, we've had to proof the exhibits.

I'm proofing exhibits.

Why am I always on the side that has to proof exhibits? I was so looking forward to an exhibit proofing-free experience.

Yet here I sit, proofing exhibits.

Well, and whining about it.


Guess where I'm going tonight?

OK, I'm not actually going to 1986. But I am going to see Queensryche. I fully anticipate they will play a ton of stuff from their new album, which I've never heard and may never hear in its studio version.

I hope they play, "The Lady Wore Black," which was my personal theme song through some of the more histrionic days of early high school drama.

If they don't, it'll, like, totally suck and it's not fair and all my friends got to hear The Lady Wore Black and why do I even bother asking 'cause nobody ever listens to me? And the proofing!

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