Thursday, January 31, 2008


1) The deadline is rapidly approaching (I'd go with midnight tonight, but it's probably whenever Tani checks email tomorrow morning) for the Black Valentine contest. I wouldn't lie to you... good stuff to be had. You'll kick yourself when you see the fabulous prize package if you didn't even give it a shot. ♥

2) How mid-80's United-Colours-of-Benetton does the Vogue Knitting Winter Issue look?

3) While "shit" is a perfectly servicable word, it's abrupt and sharp, bitten off at the end and most appropriate for under-the-breath exclamations. I'm finding a new fondness for "crap," as it rolls like a warm southern bayou and can be stretched to encompass two or three syllables if you need them. I have needed them at times this last week.

4) Go. Do good.

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