Friday, February 29, 2008

And If We Have the Pig, Shall We Not Lick It?


And if we have three pigs, shall we not go hog wild with the pig-licking?

Don't get too excited... that may be the most fun we have all blogday here. I may have just shot my wad.%

[SUMMARY: They don't make wads like they used to.]


Spring Training!

I don't really have a whole lot more to say than that, but it may be the first time, um... ever, that I'm kinda excited about spring training.

[SUMMARY: The boys of summer... in February.]


Guess what I did last night. No, really. I could make good money betting that you'd never guess.

The first part of the evening was wrapped up in eating, which is a good thing. It's Denver Restaurant Week and I managed two outings in honour of food: Monday at the Samba Room and last night at the Jewel of India. Excellent outings, both.

And if I may sneak in a little aside here -- we are pig-licking, after all -- if you've never had the carrot pudding at an Indian restaurant,§ it is really, really good. If you like carrot cake, you'll like hot carrot pudding.

Anyway, Kelley and I have had dinner plans for last night for a week or more, so that wasn't a surprise, but Dad emailing yesterday was:


I have an extra ticket to a fly fishing show at the Oriental (44th & Tennyson) tonight - starts @ 7:30.

My "date" got sick. If you have absolutely nothing else to do and could stand the thought of 2+ hours of fly fishing movies...I would love to have you.

love you,

So, yeah. I went to a fly fishing film festival with my dad last night.

[SUMMARY: *THIS* was the big surprise?! I want my money back!]


I never knew until last night that I want to go to Slovenia.

Slovenia, it turns out, is highly literate, sort of democratic, controls major transit routes, is extremely beautiful and very... high. Its highest point is only 2,864 metres above sea level,# but it starts at zero,†† so... tall.

It's just a little smaller than New Jersey, but judging by the pictures, it's all mountains. And trout streams. Just look...

Rafting on the Soča River

Photo by B. Kladnik

Unless you're just plain anti-outdoors, how could you not want to try this?

And they have big, fat fish. As Dad said last night, "Any fish with shoulders is a well-fed fish."

[SUMMARY: We may be licking the pig, but we're slurping the fish.]


Speaking of sports,^ did anyone else see the Avs put together the Old Player Nostalgia Tour this week?

At least I'll get to wear my Foote sweater again.

[SUMMARY: Desperation smells... icy.]


OK, I'm totally, horribly remiss.

Lia at the Fruity Sheep and Pam the Yarn Goddess both very kindly passed this You Make My Day Award to me about a bazillion years ago and I, ingrate that I am,‡‡ completely missed the boat, both in passing it on myself and in saying a big ol' thank you to those who say I make their day 'cause... well, it makes my day.

I know I'm probably the biggest dork in the world, but it really does mean something special to me.

So here's my list of ten blogpeople who make my day:

Enchanting Juno
The Chairarmed Quarterback
Fuzzy Logic
Things Look Like Things
A Long Yarn
Comfort Sphere
Skull a Day
Frank Notes

It's neither inclusive or exclusive, it's just a good use of blog resources.

[SUMMARY: Manners fail. Will charm save the day?]


Speaking of bad manners... I really should go thank the boss's wife for the nice TV8 Vail calendar she sent me for Christmas.

[SUMMARY: What is wrong with me?]


The Coral Room will be hosting a (drunken) spelling bee§§ on March 22 to benefit a friend with cancer. Her medical bills are astronomical, so they've¶¶ done several fundraising events to help out.

I'm looking forward to it even though I'm sure I've aced myself out of contention by telling everybody else how easy they're going to be to beat. It nearly ensures I will go down on a word like, "tapestry" or "impala."

My old friend Shane## put in the sound system at The Coral Room and was in there one night last week. Sue related this story to me:

Sue told Shane about the spelling bee and he said, "I'm gonna beat everybody. Oh, wait... is Marin going to be there?"

"Yes, she is."

"Fuck it. I'm not even coming then."

I've asked Sue to pass that on to my competition. Maybe I can psyche them out to counteract the hubris I've been spewing to the universe.

[SUMMARY: Makin' my own yin and yang.]


I could go on and on,@ but it's Wahoo's Friday, so I'm outie. Happy Leap Day!

%FOOTNOTE (percented): Heheheheheh.

FOOTNOTE (crossed): OK, this isn't the part that may surprise you. I eat. You've seen pictures -- I eat pretty well.

FOOTNOTE (double-crossed): Where all week, various restaurants have $52.80-per-couple meals. Get it? $52.80? 5280? Like "feet in a mile"? Like "Mile High City"? Trust me, if you live in Denverish or even spend a week here on vacation, you'll never again forget how many feet are in a mile.

§FOOTNOTE (swerved): Which I would totally understand. I like carrots and it still sounded disgusting to me.

FOOTNOTE (paragraphed): And here would be where I point out that I provide a free service here at the Rickety Blog and you clearly get what you pay for.

#FOOTNOTE (pounded): 9,396' feet, which may not sound all that low if you're from, say, LA or New Jersey, but my living room is at 5,460' so I live by a different altitude standard.

††FOOTNOTE (ddouble-ccrossed): Colorado's lowest point, by comparison, is 3,315', with a high of 14,440'. And its mean is 6,800', making it the highest mean elevation in all 50 of these United States. The state bird is the lark bunting and our motto is, "Nil sine Numine" ("Nothing without Providence"). Colorado is the only state to have rejected the Olympics, when 62% of voters decided hosting the 1976 Winter Olympics would cause too much traffic and pollution.

^FOOTNOTE (careted): Yes, we were.

‡‡FOOTNOTE (doubble-crossssed): My mother raised me better. My father raised me better. Hell, if I'd been raised by wolves I would have done better than I done.

§§FOOTNOTE (corkscrews): I'm not sure that's how they're billing it, but I am reasonably sure that's how it will end up.

¶¶FOOTNOTE (club footnote): And by "they," I mean, "Sue and Mama Love," not The Coral Room in general.

##FOOTNOTE (pounded like a tequila hangover): You may remember Shane... right up there with Tommy on the eye candy scale.

@FOOTNOTE (atted): Duh.

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