Thursday, July 26, 2007

Knitblog in the Moonlight

It took me hours to figure out what setting and how to take this picture of the Lake in moonlight, then I forgot to post it yesterday. Good thing I'm in charge here so we can preempt your regularly scheduled knitblog to make you unwillingly appease my vanity by looking at my pretty pictures.

[SUMMARY: HKIC: it has its advantages.]

These are the yarns that showed up Tuesday and Wednesday last week. I didn't even open them before I left -- I just tossed them wholesale, packaging and all, into the Mini and took off for Nebraska.

Knowing what was waiting for me when I unpacked on the other end inspired me to the discipline necessary to organise myself and stick with the program and...

Who am I kidding? It mostly inspired me to drive about 100 all the way there.

But look:

Clockwise from upper left: Cider Moon Glacier in Rainbow Trout, Louet Gems Opal in Violet and Shamrock, Lorna's Laces in Baltic, Watercolor and Maple Leaves.

Wouldn't you drive fast if you knew this was on the other end of your journey?

The infamous Lorna's Laces, fresh from their worldwide tour.

...and the shamrock Louet is for these...

Cookie A! Twisted Flower!

...and the violet Louet is for this...

More Cookie A! Thelonius!

...or maybe these.

Cookie, Cookie, Cookie A! Gothic Spire!

Just love me some Cookie A. Theoretically, I mean, since I bought four patterns and have yet to do more than fondle and drool and daydream.

Now, the Cider Moon (new best friend!) didn't picture up as well as I'd hoped, so I took a new picture this afternoon, with the wound skein attached to its chosen project, Sulala's Swirl Socks.

The colour is called Rainbow Trout and I hope to get more to make socks for my dad. Not that my dad is so into the rainbow part, but I think when I tell him it's all about the trout, he'll snap right in line.

Isn't it gorgeous?

Just look at the progression of colours along the needle...

*sigh* Beauty surrounds us.

[SUMMARY: We've learned something important here today: I am a sock whore.]

You know one thing I really like about the Swirl Socks and the Cider Moon? Sport weight.

Here are my other current socks, the debtor's socks for my brother for Father's Day. They're not sport. They're fingering. It'll probably be really good for the intarsia Arrrgyle pattern I'm putting on the leg, but it is a LOT of stitches. 72 per round, to be exact.

[SUMMARY: No greater love hath a seester...]

When I wasn't knitting the debtor's socks at the Lake, I was knitting this washcloth.§

Look! Purple!

The pattern's cool, isn't it? And pretty easy.

My big gripe is that the Fiber Trends pattern is printed on dark green paper, defying photocopying, so I can't write all over it, which would be helpful since there's a lot of on-beyond-four counting involved. Plus, it's getting pretty beat up. I'm just going to have to break down and put it on my very special computer-generated index cards one of these days.

Soon, if I'm smart.#

[SUMMARY: Modern technology: Garbage In, Garbage Out. Or, in my case, Nothing In, Nothing Out.]

And this would be the Girl Colours Big Baby Blanket for Dave's daughter.

I know, I know, but after the forgetting-the-border debacle (particularly since I'd just sent First Among Imaginary Kellys the pattern that very day), I was a little demoralised.

Don't worry, I'll get there. I have to. It's deficit knitting and I want to be out of debt and free to live my life.


All the way in from the coast...

Wait for it...

Cat for Scale!

Your camera strap, it fascinates me.

[SUMMARY: Not a knitblog without a cat.]

I heard the most interesting thing†† on ESPN Radio this morning.

The New York Yankees will be playing in KC tonight, which is almost irrelevant to this story. This little statistical gem goes like this:

A-Rod hit his 499th homer last night. The Yankees have won six straight.

On Friday, prior to a regularly-scheduled game, the Yankees and Orioles will be playing the last couple of innings of a game that was suspended on June 28. Anything that happens during those makeup innings will be statistically counted on June 28.

So... assuming the Yankees win tonight in KC, they will have a seven-game winning streak going into Friday.

Here's the good stuff: if they lose those makeup innings, that loss will be counted for June 28, thus the winning streak will still be alive.

Even better: if A-Rod hits his 500th during the makeup innings, that will be credited to June 28, putting last night's 499 as 500 in the record books.

It's like quantum baseball: "If Alex Rodriguez hits his 500th homer prior to his 499th homer, will there be anybody there to celebrate?"

[SUMMARY: Hate me some Yankees, but love me some weird-ass statistics.]

Wow. Is it Thursday already?

FOOTNOTE (crossed): Oddly, the simpler the camera, the harder to take pictures of the moon.

FOOTNOTE (double-crossed): eca, pray for me. Steph, I can hear you giggling.

§FOOTNOTE (swerved): Yes it is.

FOOTNOTE (paragraphed): You knew there had to be one somewhere, didn't you?

#FOOTNOTE (pounded): RHETORICAL. No need to comment.

††FOOTNOTE (ddouble-ccrossed): Now, now... you have your interests, I have mine.

ETA: Take my car keys. As I was typing and such, I realised I got the WRONG WEIGHT in the Louet yarn. Cookie A would really like me to knit her lovely patterns in FINGERING,‡ and I apparently think I should be doing them in SPORT.

Thank the wool gods I'm dealing with Wendy at Lanas de Libelula.

Wendy is marvelous.

Wendy will probably secretly laugh and wonder if she should take my car keys but she'll exchange my yarn cheerfully. For putting up with all my senility (and you haven't even heard the story about how I didn't get enough yarn the first time around and she -- thanks be -- still had the same dye lot which turns out not to matter so much when it's all going back and we're going to have to start over hopefully without all the Marin angst...), she has my undying devotion.

Good grief, I'm a dork.

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