Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fashionista Report

So Hans was in my office and mentioned a luau he attended in Hawaii wherein there were many couples with matching Hawaiian print sundress/shirt combos.


"I'm not lyin'."


"Totally seriously. Not like colour-coordinated, but like the same print."

And I speculated such things must be sold as matching outfits. Surely these people didn't all just stumble upon matching outfits in separate sections of Macy's.

So I Googled "matching Hawaiian outfits."

[SUMMARY: Nothing is outside the realm of Google.]

Sure 'nough.

And it's not just couples that can dress alike...

Hans and I may buy matching outfits and "accidentally" wear them to work on the same day.

[SUMMARY: Some jokes are funnier in my head than you'll ever find them.]


Breaking News!

As I was typing this mocking, slightly snarky little post, a guy walked by on 18th wearing tailored khaki shorts two inches below his knee; a turquoise and red, long sleeved, Hawaiian print shirt; a camo bushwhacker hat§; big, clonky dark brown sandals...

...carrying a briefcase.


FOOTNOTE (crossed): Many, many people, from what Hans tells me

FOOTNOTE (double-crossed): Tucked in.

§FOOTNOTE (swerved): One side snapped up, chin strap flapping around his neck.

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