Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things That Go Bonk in the Night


I crack me up.

Anyway, as you can imagine, Kim is way ahead of me on the Bonk thing, and sent this new message:

----- Original Message -----
From: Kim
To: Marin
Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 9:08:28 AM
Subject: Am I Giving Away Too Much of the Plot?

"Men's colognes actually reduced vaginal blood flow."

Oddly, the fragrance at the top of the turn-on list: ". . . a mixture of cucumber and Good 'n' Plenty candy."

Kim --- serving up comedy softballs for, oh, several months now.


Dudes, it's... a BOOK with... PERFUME and... and... and... SEX and SCIENCE... and... they... it's... FUNNY.

[SUMMARY: Add a little knitting and it's like my own personal Nirvana.]

It just don't get any better than this.


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