Monday, October 15, 2007

All Across Arizona...

...the bars went quiet.

[SUMMARY: Twenty-seven outs from glory.]

Rhinebeck Countdown: game clock at 2 days, play clock at 5 days

Is that a big ol' trip out of town looming?

I have lost my brown walking shoes, my camera and several little pieces of my mind. The house looks like I have resident trolls and the cat is starting to get clingy. Time is not on my side, particularly with this weekend's loss of hours to the totally-worth-it Rockies.

[SUMMARY: Take my car keys, but let my Rockies be!]

And for any Rhinebeck Bingo buddies checking in... Hi! My name is Marin, I'll be your dork square at this Saturday's festivities. Please look for me wearing my Ravelry t-shirt, either a charcoal cable sweater or a teal cashmere cardigan, depending on how warm it is, and maybe even a grey and black Columbia jacket.

And, of course, my Delores Van Hoofen 2007 Commemorative I'm a Square! tote bag.

[SUMMARY: I am that dork.]

I may or may not have a camera.

FOOTNOTE (crossed): the grey one with the pink writing*

*FOOTNOTE WITHIN A FOOTNOTE: pre-supposing it gets here on time.

FOOTNOTE (double-crossed): Don't get excited, it's not one of those fabulous show-off-my-skill, finished-it-for-Rhinebeck things. I don't much knit for myself. The Gap knits for me.

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