Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This Just In...

Rhinebeck Countdown: game clock at 7 days, play clock at 10 days

They were filming on the corner of 16th and Tremont (roughly three blocks from the office and on my way to Cook's Fresh Market) when I sauntered into town for lunch today.

I'm pretty sure I didn't wedge my way into any shots.

There was surprisingly little fuss and REALLY suprisingly little equipment. When they make movies in movies, they shut down streets and there are cameras on motorised vehicles and big, dangling boom mics and stuff. This was a bunch of people relaying information via walkie-talkie (what? No Nextel?) and a single camera on a stick only three or four feet off the ground.

They would wind up for the next green light, a cop would hold a few cars until the movie car went through said light, then life would resume as normal.

So I went back to the office to eat my sandwich.

Further updates as the situation warrants.

FOOTNOTE (crossed): heheheheheheheh... I'm twelve.

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