Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bon Voyage!

Rhinebeck Countdown: T-minus and counting, play clock at 3 days

Fewer words than you're used to, I got all manner of crap to take care of before I leave at (get this) 4:00 tomorrow morning.

And, y'know... didn't get *that* much sleep last night.

Here is how the movie people Bogart a parking lot:

Here are my new earrings (glass skulls), which I am wearing every day:

Here is a funny story that you will recognise as an ideal situation to take my car keys from me: One day last week, I went for lunch and I happened to look at the old billboard (like this) because Hans said to me once, "I don't know any of the guys they have on that billboard." So I looked at the billboard. And when I came back, I glanced out the window and said, "G Brown. I know who G Brown is."

About two hours later, I looked up and this was my view:

I never saw anyone change the artwork. Either billboard installers are sneaky like cactus or I am so completely oblivious I didn't notice an acre of change right under my nose. Almost literally.

To make it all better (in case, say, you're a D'Backs fan), here are fibre pictures.

Here is Yorick as a misshapen lump of felt:

Here is Yorick as a pinned out misshapen lump of felt:

Here are two Yoricks battling for Supremacy of the Box:

The Good News: The heads shrunk (I can't tell you how much I wish I had time to play with that whole concept. I would be really funny) more than I would have liked, but the scarf is still drapey and will likely not be possessing any cats or coffee makers any time soon.

The Bad News: I still have to cut out the eye- and nose-holes. And my scissors -- all eleventy-billion pairs of them -- are missing.

And 'cause y'all are knitters (sorry, Brother... don't mean to paint you with the knitterly brush... MANY of y'all are knitters), I know how you like to see the seams:

That's a three-needle bind-off (my first). It took about two hours because I started by binding front to back with a too-short tail, then I bound front to front with a too-short tail (what do you suppose I thought had changed?), then I had to get a separate piece of yarn to do the bind-off, then I said, "Fuck it, I'm felting. I don't have to get jiggy with the join."

And 'cause I know how y'all (sorry, Brother) like to see how the back looks:

That's all, folks! See some of you in Rhinebeck, see the rest on the flip-side next week!



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