Thursday, November 1, 2007

Billboard Installation for Dummies

Remember that day I missed the billboard change? Because I was so focused on werk (*ahem*)?

Well, Tuesday was my lucky day. And since I'm always willing to share, it must be your lucky day too.

Turns out billboards are giant printed tarps that hook to to the actual board part at the corners and in the middle, then are ratcheted in tight.

First you have to get the old billboard down.

Using a CRANE.

Then you use that same CRANE to lift the new billboard into place.

Please note Cutest Little Car in the Whole Wide World in lower left of parking lot.

While they were folding up the old billboard and the crane, I ran over to Hans's office to replay the whole thing and realised my camera was missing the best part.

And since a picture paints a thousand words, it must be that I can babble on for a thousand words to roughly the same effect. Hey, the maths bear me out... and who are we to argue with the maths?

See, once they got all cleaned up (and I think their mothers would be really proud), the two guys from the billboard went back up and ran very thin poles through a casing on the bottom of the tarp. Then they tucked the bottom of the tarp into a slot under the white part of the billboard, which pulled it taut just like doing military-grade bedsheets.

Totally magical.

OK, so not a thousand words.

I do feel better educated, don't you? In fact, I'm confident if this land thing doesn't work out, I can begin my second career in billboard deconstruction and installation.

You're welcome. Happy Thursday.

p.s. -- the answer to the question on the first billboard is, "Apparently throw in his coverage area."

No, let's not talk sports. Look at the pretty leaves!

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