Monday, November 26, 2007

Sure, I'll Play

So I came back from the mostly blogless (blog free?) holiday weekend to find I'd been complimented mightily over at Kim's Place. (Thanks, Kim! And not just for the pictures of Hugh Laurie!)

I am now passing it on, keeping in mind that a few people who really do make me smile either don't have blogs (Bag Lady Kathryn, Genius Sarah, et al), don't seem inclined to play reindeer games (Enchanting Juno, Grumperina, et al) or, like Anthony Trujillo in the fifth grade, don't know I'm alive (Yarn Harlot, Crazy Aunt Purl, et many al).

So my five people who make me smile and have at least passing AntiM knowledge, are:

First Among Imaginary Kellys -- for humour, big heart and a daughter named Maren.
The Pollyannas -- for faith, viewpoint and comforting devotion to Terry Pratchett.
Sarah -- whose blogquotes and dogs make me as happy as her charming self.
Ally -- who makes me laugh, makes me jealous, never lets me off the hook and I believe secretly likes me (and not just in hopes of getting a cashmere vibrator cosy).
Pam -- who writes great letters and has WAY more yarn than I do, which I totally respect.

Now you five are supposed to share the love with five of your closest blog buddies.

p.s. -- The rest of y'all make me smile, too. Anyone over there in the sidebar wouldn't be there if you didn't make me smile.

p.p.s. -- did anybody see The Hogfather movie on the religious channel last night?

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