Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just a Lickle...

How many times can one lick the pig in a single week before one's loyal friends and readers openly revolt?

Apparently, I'm going to push that envelope. The pictures are trapped in the camera, the news of the weird is thin on the ground.

Welcome to Wednesday. Lick that pig.


So I found this cool sock pattern% on Ravelry, free to download, but I had to join a Yahoo group to get it.

A German Yahoo group.

Oh, how you would have laughed at me trying to translate "Go stickensie fingeren en ein lightenschoketen und smokensie fuzzikopf" to figure out what to put in some of the vaguer blanks.

Part of me hopes I didn't out myself as a French-Canadian lesbian bioterrorist with oddly Marxist leanings.

Another part of me says, "Eh, I got the sock pattern. Who cares?"

[SUMMARY: Sometimes ya gotta take the bottom line.]


My dad sent me this link to a nearly real-time§ map of disasters around the world. I have *seriously* mixed emotions about it.

On the one hand, there's a dorky ludicrous side to it that I'm almost ashamed to laugh at.

On the other hand, it's kind of interesting.

On the other hand,# it may feed unnecessarily into some peoples' sense of doom.

I still haven't figured out what all the little icons mean, though they do have one specifically for bus tragedies. And they're going to have a gang activity map soon. And they have an illegal alien activity map†† I haven't fully explored.

Someone has too much time on his hands and too many worries.

[SUMMARY: Now that I put it that way, I'm not ashamed to laugh at this anymore.]


I forgot to mention that Bag Lady Kathryn and I went to the Coral Monday night‡‡ because they have half-price bottles of wine and a couple of appetisers make a really nice meal.

Kelley and The Boy showed up and The Boy was very nice.

[SUMMARY: Wonders on top of wonders.]


And I haven't heard from Soldier Boy.

[SUMMARY: Pbthththththth!]


For those who are interested, Chameleon Colorworks has just changed hands.

It kinda hosed up an order I placed with them two weeks ago.

That order is on the way, however, which means there will be one more photo you want to see that I'm not going to show you for days while I try to get my computer and my camera in the same room together.

Did we like Chameleon for their colour or more because their yarn is soft?

It'll be interesting to see what a new dyer does.

Cider Moon is still in the legal ether. Just thought I'd throw that out. This seems like the place for it.

[SUMMARY: Turn and face the strange changes...]


Last night, Brother asked if I had a Christmas present for him yet.§§


"No present. Don't get me anything. The time has come."

Honestly? I thought he'd finally gone off the deep end and decided we weren't going to exchange presents anymore... sort of like my gynecologist¶¶: "You're 40 now. It's time to put childish dreams behind and face the grim realities of your advanced age."

But, no... my brother is kinder than my gynecologist and simply reminded me that, oh, 16 years ago when I got my first tattoo, I'd given him a standing offer to pay for his first tattoo. And probably buy him a beer or something too.

He's been going to the gym a lot and has ink envy. He's the only guy over 5'5" who doesn't have a tattoo. That's hard on a man.

The moral of this story: Sometimes good tidings come back to you and you can knit one less thing at Christmastime.

[SUMMARY: It's all about the knitting.]


{nasty werk deadline 11/20}


{nasty werk deadline 11/30}

San Diego 12/1-12/3.

Houston 12/4-12/9.

{werk all weekend in Houston to make up for not going for two weeks like the client would like, only see other nasty werk deadlines, above/below}

Family Christmas 12/15.


{nasty werk deadline 12/31}

New Year.

[SUMMARY: Send vodka.]

Why are we still here? I must go werk!

FOOTNOTE (crossed): And by "one," I mean "I."

%FOOTNOTE (percented): Actually, it was several cool sock patterns and it's that Stephanie van der Linden I told you about the other day.

FOOTNOTE (double-crossed): Dear FBI, if you are reading this, I'm only kidding. I think I'm funny, and I think that fact has been well-documented. I know there is nothing funny about French-Canadian lesbian bioterrorism in your world. And by "Marx," I mean "Groucho." Please don't put me on the list.

§FOOTNOTE (swerved): "Updated every 300 seconds... 24/7." Um, Einstein... you can just say "every five minutes." In fact, it sounds better. Cleaner. And no longer.

FOOTNOTE (paragraphed): Which should be a Franklin Mint collectors' plate series.

#FOOTNOTE (pounded): With three hands, you'd think I'd be better able to count to four, wouldn't you?

††FOOTNOTE (ddouble-ccrossed): "SAN DIEGO - illegal alien arrested for drugs and rooster fighting." I am not making this up.

‡‡FOOTNOTE (doubble-crossssed): Text message from Kathryn: I can't believe I am suggesting this but how does the Coral Room at 5 for appetizers sound?

§§FOOTNOTE (do those look like those 45-rpm adapters we used to have?): I had a knitting project, of course. There's always a knitting project on deck.

¶¶FOOTNOTE (lop-eared bunny!): Not that my gynecologist and I exchange gifts, mind you, that definitely sounds like something she would say.

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