Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hey! Over Here!

...behind the enormous flower arrangement.

The weather in Houston is *gorgeous* today -- very San Diegoesque.

San Diego, not counting the very cold and rainy Saturday I spent in San Diego, of course, which all the cabbies and the bride herself told me "never happens."

The three minutes I've spent so far in my Four Seasons room was lovely, thanks for asking, and I'm sure I'll take lots of pictures, since that's just the kind of blogdork I am.

No pictures until next week, but I'll try to peek in with an anecdote if I get a moment among all the working.

Yes, I do have a picture of lovely Lyda herveryself, so we can put to rest all those rumours that she's a myth. Gorgeous and Available Engineer Brother, too. With a giant ant.

Yep, I'm teasing so you'll come back next week after I've abandoned you for all this time.

Only 20 more knitting days until Christmas.

You're welcome.

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