Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Corner of Lust 'n' Love†

Or the corner of Marin 'n' Quebec.

[SUMMARY: Potayto, Potahto.]

Kari was out walking her boy yesterday when she came upon this Greenwood Village street sign.§

And sent me the picture.

[SUMMARY: Kari is my new best friend.]

Guess what I want for my birthday?

It's a big YouTube day, isn't it?


No. 3: The Spirit of Wood - Light Source & Philippe Paparella-Paris (Part 3 in the series)

Marin says: Grapefruit and cigarette smoke.

Right around the edges, a hint of something brown sugar sweet -- fig or currant, maybe. The grapefruit burns off quickly, leaving smoke and a hint of something brown sugar-sweet.

Another light, long-lasting scent. The final amber -- or maybe sandalwood -- throes stuck around until the next day's shower.

Six Scents says: "The inspiration for this fragrance comes from Cosmic Wonder Light Source's nature oriented fahion collection. Inspired by the designers memory of a scent experienced during a walk through a eucalyptus forest, a selection of fresh green top notes were combined with fig leaves and enlightened by green grass playing with fresh cut cypress. The idea was to create a rough and natural fragrance, using a lot of essential oils with a focus on the woody notes such as vetiver and himoki." - Phillippe Paparella-Paris, Perfumer

Ingredients: Green Grass,# Fig Leaves,$ Cypress, Elemi, Coriander, Cedar wood, Vetiver, Himoki, White Amber$

Hans says: It's very earthy. It smells like something I smell a lot, like... trees. Pine trees. I'm getting a lot of wood. I feel like I'm eating wood right now, chewing on bark.††

FOOTNOTE (crossed): Thus:

FOOTNOTE (double-crossed): Quebec being well known as the City of Love.

§FOOTNOTE (swerved): For those unfamiliar with Denverish suburbs, Greenwood Village is one of the best villages, and certainly has the best street signs.

FOOTNOTE (paragraphed): Oh, yeah. Just like I said... grapefruit and cigarettes. *ahem*

#FOOTNOTE (pounded): The bitter end of green grass has a LOT in common with grapefruit. *ahem*

$FOOTNOTE (on the money!): Yes, I'm taking credit for fig leaves. If I don't want to wreck my midterm grade, I should probably fight for credit for "maybe sandalwood" as the closest I got to wood all day. heheheheheheh. Wood.

††FOOTNOTE (double-crossed): For all the Hansisms, Hans got the perfumer's vision much better than I did. In a snit of jealousy, I believe I will start calling him Cosmic Wonder Light Source.

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