Friday, June 22, 2007

Holy Schroedinger's Cat, Batmarin!


My friend who works for the IRS took me to dinner and a movie for the 40 days festival. We saw Ocean's Thirteen,which, as a strong proponent of style over substance, I must recommend.

Line for which I was the only one in the theatre who laughed:

Setup: the Malloy brothers are in the bowels of the casino. Virgil is trying to hack an FBI transmission revealing the faces of all the compatriots.

Turk: Are you in yet?
Virgil: I hate that question.

Still a pervert, still twelve. Happy Friday, ev'rybahdy.

Aren't paper lanterns festive?

Downtown, everything's great when you're downtown...

This may not trip your trigger the way it tripped mine,§ but I have to share.

Now, when you look at the picture below, you may think to yourself, "Self, this is a knitting blog (sort of . some of the time. well, she *says* it is.), so maybe that's... a moth egg?"

Nope. If I'd had the cat at the office, I'd have used him for scale. As it was, I had to use this pen. That tiny blue (yes, it is) blob is a perfectly formed dwarf Jelly Belly.¶

Awwwww... wookat da jelly bean!

And, by request, the bat tattoo. It is very difficult to take pictures of your hip.

Maybe I shouldn't paint us all with the same brush: it was very difficult for me to take a picture of my hip.

And I couldn't tell if it was focusing, so it isn't. And I couldn't use the flash (too close -- it looked like a scene out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind when I used the flash) so it's all orangey from the hall light.

Trust Marin, I'm not nearly this tan.

Finally, I'm leaving you with this:

If you haven't discovered "I can has cheezburger?" you may be missing a lot of time-killing goodness. This cat came from there and I think it's hysterically funny.

This weekend? Housecleaning. Golf. Reunion. Waiting on boys.

You know. The usual.

FOOTNOTE (crossed): Don't hold it against her. Hold it against her that she's a LAWYER and works for the IRS. Although the poor girl is going to Houston next week, so she may gain sympathy points.

FOOTNOTE (double-crossed): Corner Bakery for dinner. Salad trio, if you must know. The mixed berry salad contained eleven strawberries and one blueberry. "Mixed berries" strictly in the technical sense.

§FOOTNOTE (swerved): As always, this would be a saving grace for you.

¶FOOTNOTE (paragraphed): Daquiri flavoured.

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