Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Secret Pal Can Beat Up Your Secret Pal

My Secret Pal rocks me like a hurricane (yeah, I said it).

Just look!

After serious post office drama (mostly caused by my complete lack of faith in my postal carrier and humanity in general), I came home to find a very exciting package with this right inside:

Wait. It gets better. I lifted the cardboard apron to reveal...

Stuff! Lots of stuff! For ME!

My Secret Pal made me this uber-cool bracelet. I think it sets off my snowy, freckly skin perfectly. Note the coppery button and closure. I may be stealing this design.

My crafty, crafty Secret Pal knitted me a bag...

...and filled it with soap she made herself. I'm in bath whore heaven.

Oh! Don't speak too soon! There is more bath whore nirvana to be reached!

By the way, if you've never used Smith's Rose Lip Balm (this is minty -- I've never used the minty before, but I'm an absolute freak for the Rose Lip Balm), I highly recommend it.** It smells so nice and feels so good on your lips. I'll test drive the minty version and let you know how it works out (heh heh heh).

And ya gotta check out the little red lip balm tin:

You know I'm going to be carrying it around, showing it to any and all boys in my vicinity. Perfect icebreaker if you wanna get tongue-tied (if you know what I mean, and I'm sure you do).

Here's an adorable little bag (it's that blue and green and white in the middle, almost obscured by the schwag that filled it. If you look at the big view, check out the sparkly, beaded zipper pull).

I know it's hard to see, but there's this little string person in the upper left, thus:

Secret Pal had no way of knowing, but I'm already the proud host of a little string person:

That's the vampire. He's to protect me when I'm out past my bedtime. If you've been reading along over the past few months, you may come to the conclusion I need a little more Vampire and a little less Thelma in my life, but I would beg to differ.

Also, there is a skull-n-crossbones air freshener (that now graces the rearview of the Cutest Little Car in the Whole Wide World). When I went to the fashion/designer show at the Oriental last weekend, I got myself a nifty tote:

It's reversible, but the other side has polka dots. Skulls? Fabulouser than polka dots, no matter what Vogue tells you.

I took the tote to Easter brunch with the fam, and my dad took one look, chuckled and said, "If I saw that sitting in a pile of bags somewhere, I'd say, 'That one probably belongs to my daughter.'" He went on to observe that there are no bats on it (admittedly an oversight on the part of the fabric designers), so I had to explain that skulls are apparently in this year, while bats, sadly, still out.

So Secret Pal? You are so on the nose it's almost frightening.

Also? That kleenex holder (yes, there is. Check the bottom left corner of the pic)? Has little goldfish all over it. Goldfish with names. One is Bjorn. I love Bjorn the Goldfish.

And sheep cards! With green envelopes!

Like any really good care package, this one had sugar. Good sugar. Toblerone, bunny tarts and these divine dark chocolate raspberry almonds, which didn't make it to this photo because... because... well, I was eating them at the time.

Check out the toy attached to the bunny tarts:

When you press the yellow button on his bunny tummy, his face spins around and changes expression. That one in the picture is my favourite. I often make that face myself.

I also got a chocolate sheep named Lambert.

She sent flowers...

...and even sent something for Cat for Scale. It was an exciting package for the feline portion of the household, let me tell you. Secret Pal may not realise it, but the cat is nearly as excited about the raffia, tissue paper and bubble wrap as he is about the cat grass.

[SUMMARY: Secret Pal is Cat for Scale's new best friend!]

Then there is the yarn. This is a knitting show, remember?

It's 70% cotton, 30% wool in a colour called Lilac Haze (as always, the purplocity on my camera sucks. It's purpler than it looks here) that's almost the same colour as my dining room walls (Obi Lilac by Sherwin Williams, if it's important to you). There are six skeins, and she says she has a project in mind and will email me the pattern. It's like Christmas...

[SUMMARY: Secret Pal is AWESOME, not only in her excellent taste, but in her eerie ability to pick out things I love when she had no way of knowing.

Hey! Secret Pal, are you reading my diary?]

If you check between Lambert and the cat grass, there is the bag of dark chocolate raspberry almonds (you can't see or hear it, but I'm doing a Homer Simpson-style gurgle thinking about them. It's like a little orgasm for your mouth).

[SUMMARY: If it's good, there's always a little sex to it.]

And Secret Pal? The bubble wrap was a lot of fun too. Thank you SO MUCH for everything!


Just for the record, the foot procedure went well and my feet are no longer embarrassing. Today, I wear sandals.

Tomorrow, it will snow.

Tomorrow, I will share weekend adventures, observations on a funeral and maybe knitting.

[SUMMARY: The weather is wrong and I'm behind.]

P.S. -- If you go to the Yarn Harlot's post on Denver (scroll up to get above the comments), you can see Anna-Liza and Morwynne, Sylvia (darling Sylvia, who has suffered many evils at my photographic hands), the "ribbed for her pleasure" shirt... and if you look just over the second sock-with-audience picture, second row, second from the right, your dear Ol' AntiM, second to everyone and everything, but still smiling to beat the band.

I am a dork.

**FOOTNOTE (asterisked): Even if you have tried the Rose Lip Balm, I still recommend it. It would just be a little redundant.

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