Monday, April 23, 2007


Here's an article from the Denver Post that came out of the Harlot's visit, plus a knitting night or two. You can see Red and her beer cosy in the article.

Personally? I think it's a little strung out and trying too hard. Kinda reminds me of some admittedly bad pieces I did for the feature section in the college paper when I first started writing for the college paper and didn't have a feel for how to write a compelling and journalistically sound feature piece.

See, the person who wrote it watched the knitting world through her living room window and didn't really glom on to the important stuff. None of her editors knows jack about knitting, so they all think it's fine even though it's weak beyond fluff. Any time the writer doesn't connect with something in the subject, you end up with this weak-ass pulp.

[SUMMARY: Judge much?]

At least Red is featured heavily. The writer's smart enough to know the personality of the group when she sees it.

[SUMMARY: Little nicer.]

Me? Busy.

All that IRL Kelly stuff later. Promise.

[SUMMARY: Really. Busy.]

**FOOTNOTE (unasterisked): I taught a seven-year-old boy how to knit at a baby shower on Sunday. Trip! Ego and otherwise! More later. Promise.

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