Friday, April 13, 2007

Word to My Knittas!

The world runs in circles. It goes around corners, chases its tale... but it always comes back 'round. Sometimes it's an equatorial loop, sometimes just a stitch marker.

I have now been to "my" SnB (hosted by the lovely Sylvia at the lovely Posh) a total of THREE times. Now, while we've well established that your ol' AntiM can't quite count to three, it's still a pretty small number in real life.

Now let's check in with a much larger number: the number of times (sometimes in a week) I go to Other Favourite Bar and hang out with Cute Christopher the Manager and knit. As previously mentioned, Christopher has indicated a willingness -- nay, eagerness -- to have more knitters, a whole WHACK of knitters, in his establishment.

In my truly eloquent Kelly-phone-call, Sylvia-phone-call manner, I said, "While I'm thinking of it... um, I don't know if anyone would be interested... um, I go to this bar a LOT..."

Turns out there's a pretty solid market for the sticks-n-strings-n-beers-n-wings thing.**

My cell phone went 'round the room** and I agreed to call everybody and we settled on Tuesday as a GREAT night for drinking and knitting and we all determined a knitting project with no counting and probably to-be-felted is the order of the day. Then, as Emily DK (all the chicas who put their numbers in my phone indicated "drunken knitter" by putting DK after their names) said, "I think you have your own knitting group."

As a keen technological side note, did you know you can send a text message to multiple people? Yeah, I'm a dork, and way behind the times, but that's still pretty cool. Hey, remember when we didn't have fax machines? I'm old. Cut me some slack.

My homebar and homeLYS are only blocks apart, and now that circle is complete.

[SUMMARY: Technodorks need circles too.]

We got to talking cotton yarn, which seems to inspire the same brouhaha as straights vs. circulars. Red hates cotton. My one experience was miserable. Sarah looked at both of us and said, "You don't like cotton?" in that "knitta, please," tone of voice.

I was trying to remember the exact name of the yarn Secret Pal sent me, said it has some wool, it's a really pretty colour... when I glanced over and saw Candace DK knitting a baby blanket (I think -- seems like blankets were the topic of the day and I may just have blanket on the brain**) out of the self-same Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (albeit a different colour. Lilac Haze is a little sophisticated for the poop factory that is baby).

"Like that!" I exclaimed. "That exact same yarn!" (little, tiny circle. Hold on, the bigger circle is coming).

"Secret Pal sent it to me with a pattern."

(Just for you, Secret Pal: Sylvia said, "That was some awesome swag you got from your Secret Pal.")

"She sent a pattern too?" said Red.

"Yeah. I said I want to knit a sweater so she sent me a sweater pattern and the yarn to make it."

"You should knit Green Gables."**

"That's the pattern she sent me!"

"That's the Pattern?! I'm making Green Gables! I'm drinking lots of wine and knitting it in cotton! Would you like to drink and knit with me?"

Sarah also may drink... um, knit along, so we have our own mini drunken Green Gables KAL.

Green Gables

That's the Green Gables circle, all the way around Secret Pal and back.

[SUMMARY: I'm knitting a sweater and I'm not alone. As always, there will be drinking.]

Megan-from-Work asked me to re-teach her knitting, so I invited her to SticksNStringsNBeerNWings (I think we have a name) and she's very excited. That's the work-knitting circle.

Since the Yarn Harlot, my list of fellow fibre freaks in Denver and surroundings whom I could conceivably drunk dial has grown exponentially. A state-wide circle, really.

Then there's the blog thing, which throws a giant lasso around the world. Really. Someone is reading this in Berlin. Someone is reading this in London. Someone is reading this somewhere in Argentina. Who'd've thunk?

So to my big, wooly circle, Happy Friday, thanks for playing.

[SUMMARY: Can't you just feel the love?]

And if you're in Denver on Tuesday, April 17, please feel free to drop by Patrick Carroll's at 3963 Tennyson between 6:00 and 9:00 for SticksNStringsNBeerNWings.


Tani sent me this yesterday and it made me laugh, so I'm passing it on:
Go to Google Maps and click on "Get Directions." In the from box, type "New York." In the to box, type "London." Look at number 23.
Yeah, me too.


**FOOTNOTE (asterisked): Red was telling us about a genius item from (I think) Korea: a cell phone with a built-in breathalyser that will lock out certain phone numbers when you blow a certain BAC. Think of all the heartache that could be prevented with this simple device.

**FOOTNOTE (asterisked): Turns out Heidi from SnB goes there a lot. How come I never run into Heidi there? It's like when I first me The Boy and we had that, "You come here all the time? You can't come here all the time. I come here all the time," conversation. Huh. That'd be a heck of a circle too.

**FOOTNOTE (asterisked): Most of the blanket advice started, "Don't do it!" Then it turns out knitters have almost as much opinion about blankets as they do about straight vs. circular and cotton vs. real yarn.

**FOOTNOTE (asterisked): To give credit where credit's due: Green Gables comes from Zephyr Style.

**FOOTNOTE (sort of unasterisked -- goes with the Green Gables theme): Kelly-with-a-Maren -- has Maren read the Anne of Green Gables books? If not, PUT THEM ON THE LIST. I loved those books... still love those books. I think Maren, being a young lady of elegant hair and discerning taste will love them too.

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