Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pictures at Eleven

Five chicas at SnSnBnW last night. Susie (you know her as the Naughty Librarian) dropped by too. How cool is that?


New question (discuss amongst yourselves): When is it OK to make demands on the managers of Knitter Bars?

Here's the sitch: Kelly the Bartendress at the ever-popular and tres, tres** chic New Bar (her brother is Fast Eddie -- gotta love a brother/sister bartending team**) heard about my KIB at Other Favourite Bar and got, well... just this side of jealous. She thinks I/we should knit at HER bar. I looked around at the tony decor, the high-end liquor, the elegant lighting and said, "Huh. I didn't think of this as a Knitter Bar. Too uptown."

Kelly the Bartendress insisted, though. So we have a rivalry between local Favourite Bars for knitter affections.

More precise question: Can we demand better lighting (I'd even be willing to bring in the lamp) at Other Favourite Bar so we can knit happily after the sun goes down? Should we play the New Bar card and let Cute Christopher know he's got a run for his money as far as Knitter Bar goes?

[SUMMARY: I'm torn between "What would Miss Manners say?" and "What would Jesus do?" here.]

*************END TANGENT************* as you were

Late in the session, I bent down to show Sarah my very cool tattoo-print socks from Target and found a pair of underwear in the leg of my jeans.

Thought y'all should know -- SSDD here at the Barfly Beach & Resort.

Book Club tonight.

*************NEWS FLASH!*************

I have not (yet) lost the second copy of this month's Book Club book!

Thought y'all should know that too.

Don't I win a prize or something? Do I at least get extra points for holding it together like a real grown-up for almost 48 whole hours?

*************END NEWS FLASH*************

For those of you knitting along at home, SnSnBnW will be knitting Green Gable (which I will continue to call "Green Gables" in honour of Anne thereof) in our own, special drunken KAL.**

Whether you're in Denverish and would like to drop by and drink and knit or you're in Timbukfour (I can't count to four... why did I jinx it like that?) and would like to drink alone in the comfort of your own living room or your own version of the Knitter Bar, please feel free to start your Green Gables at any time and we'll all get through vagaries of the pattern and any fibre angst together. With the help of a little Grey Goose.**

OK. Gotta get back to the workaday world. Seriously. One BILLION dollars, people.

[SUMMARY: Yeah, I'm still working balls to the wall, but it all goes smoother when I can invite the whole blogiverse for a Grey Goose playdate.]


**FOOTNOTE (asterisked): So, Brother, wanna leave the icky, sticky-slick rat race and open our very own Knitter Bar?

**FOOTNOTE (asterisked): Secret Pal, I love the pattern, but I gotta tell you all the Drunken Knitters are swooning over it. Excellent choice!

**FOOTNOTE (asterisked): Do you think there's any magic to the fact that Green Gable and Grey Goose happen to have the same initials?

Yeah, me too.

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