Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Speaking of Economic Stimulus...

Dear Corporate Weasel:

Let's say you and I go to Vegas and you gamble all your money away and I have to foot the bill for your dumb ass to maintain a comfortable vacation lifestyle, including an indoor bed and enough food to keep you alive.

You, in turn, promise to stop gambling, tip your waitress and pay me back.

A month later, you still haven't even hinted at actually repaying me and you've purchased a collection of Star Wars action figures on eBay to the tune of $7600. When I ask about my money, touching on the idea that perhaps such a frivolous acquisition might be ill-conceived, given our fnancial arrangement, you don't even bat an eye. You assure me it wasn't my money that bought Jar-Jar Binks and his fleet of Tie-Fighters and you go back to playing with your dolls.

Whose money *was* it then?


p.s. -- tell Wells Fargo, hedonistic, clueless, would-be consumer of actual Vegas vacations, we're not laughing at their "we don't need your money to pay for bonuses or compensation" joke.

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