Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Rose Royce Saturday

Productive. I was productive, I tell you.

Here's the license plate before I washed the car:

Perhaps this gives you an inkling as to why I finally bathed the poor thing. As Tallest, Hairiest Nephew has been known to say, "AntiM, she does *not* want to be a jeep."

I completely failed to get after pictures, but did take pictures from inside the car wash.§

Jackson Pollack got nothing on me.

FOOTNOTE (crossed): I actually took this picture to prove my tags were at one time up-to-date, as I had to pay a larger-than-necessary fine when the 2008 sticker came off the car. I was very careful to wash, rinse and dry the place where the 2009 sticker would go and it still came about halfway off. So I Gorilla Glued it.

FOOTNOTE (double-crossed): I worry one doesn't get one's full complement of saint points if one doesn't have proof of one's good works.

§FOOTNOTE (swerved): You're welcome.

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