Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Why Wyoming?

Because it's there. And last time I checked, there was oil and gas and pipelines and all kinds of Marin work there too.

I found out yesterday that I'm going to Wyoming tomorrow. The work should be pleasant and easy, but it's a lot of driving, which is OK, 'cause this is how I roll (literally):

A Mini Cooper in Autumn, a lovely sight to see.
Taken outside Ouray, Colorado October 1, 2006.

I can't tell you how excited I am to have a chance to show that off, finally. If I had to go too many more days, I was going to have to declare National Cutest Little Car Day and make y'all look at slide shows of my baby. And that would be over the top.

*happysigh* So cute, so fast, such fun. If your ol' AntiM were a car, she'd be a MiniCooper: cute and short with a low centre of gravity... but all James Bond inside (what with the fully digital stereo that carries XM and the iPod connect and the GPS thingy and all).

I should point out that the car neither knits, nor will it be your new best friend, but you can only push an analogy so far.

[SUMMARY: AntiM may be a little too involved with her car. To paraphrase: you can love your car, just don't love your car. Us. Them. Us. Them.]

I'm not sure what this does to me, blogwise (wasn't that one of the Hobbits from the Lord of the Rings movies? Sam Blogwise? I'm a hobbit! I'm your new best friend!) since I no longer have a portable computer.

See, a few years ago, I was carrying a full coffee mug at the tips of my fingers by its rim (handles are for pussies) and I dropped it right on my laptop. If you've never short-circuited a computer via cream and sugar, it's an experience you really should... well, you should see if you can get someone else to do it -- maybe that geek in your IT department or some variety of accountant -- so you can watch, 'cause it truly sucks to see such an expensive and useful piece of equipment go up in smoke when it's yours, but it's borderline spectacular to experience all that smoke on someone else's equipment. And sparks. And that ozoney electrical smell most often associated with lightning storms. I know my co-workers have never forgotten it.

Now, if Gillette, Wyoming (town motto: "We don't make the razors here!") has an internet cafe (how do you do accent marks on this thing?) of some sort, it's your lucky day! If not, I'll be back in a few days and I might even have pictures. Probably of cows. Or wide open spaces. 'Cause what Wyoming has to offer? That's it, that's the list. (I'm exaggerating, but it's funnier that way.)

[SUMMARY: Besides a tendency to make watches run backward, I am hard on electronics, thus unable to maintain a laptop in good working order for impromptu Wyoming trips such as the one on which I am about to embark. I think I'm funny! I may also be a Hobbit, and your new best friend!]

You knitters know that gassing up the car (cutest little car in the whole wide world!) and having clean underwear is not the hard part of travelling. The hard part of travelling is figuring out which and how many knitting projects you need to keep you happy and occupied on the road. Of course, travelling by road means I don't have to explain my needles to the TSA goons or worry about baggage limits, so I may just take all the knitting. A gym bag of clean underwear and sixteen boxes of books, magazines, stash, needles, hooks, markers...

I'll definitely have to take the Stupid Blanket.

I wonder if I can knit at 80 mph on I-25...? Those of y'all in this neck of the woods may want to stay off the road between 4:00 and 8:00 in the morning tomorrow.

[SUMMARY: Same knitting problem, different day.]

**FOOTNOTE (unasterisked, but wildly pissed): hey! Hey! HEYHEYHEY! Where's my comment from Marcia? I had a comment from Marcia! I swear to all that is purple and chocolate and knittable and MiniCooper, I HAD A COMMENT FROM MARCIA! I only have... had... two comments! That's fully 50% of my comments gone! And this was the comment that said I'm CUTE! I don't get that all that much unless it's from me! Aaaarrrgggghhh! Bring me the head of Willie the Bloggerboy!

Ahem. OK. May have gone off half-cocked (ya think?). February is a different month. All on its own. On a different page. Hello, February. Oh, look, there's Marcia. I'm better now. Total dork, but a better total dork. Carry on.


Kelly said...

Hi Marin!
Found yer blog from Marcy/Marcie/Marcia's. Would you be MY new best friend?! Love your blog, I've had my first post for a blog in Word for about a month now and just haven't got the guts to post it yet (yes I change it around every 20 minutes). I don't know why I just don't jump right in? Will I have enough to say? Will I be funny enough? Even remotley interesting?? I'm thinking probly NOT, oh well. I too have issues, am a cat freak, but only an intermediate knitter. Oh and I MUST know how you pronounce your name. My daughter's name is Maren, like Karen with an M. Is that how yours is or is it MaRIN? Anyway, enough rambling, read ya later!

Kelly (how's THAT for irony!!)

Marin (AntiM) said...

Hi Kelly! You KNOW you're my new best friend, if nothing else 'cause your Kelly and 'cause your daughter sounds like me even if she doesn't look like me (that's my clever way of saying I'm like Karen with an M too).

Not to mention you have the coolest blogname ever.

Thanks so much for the very nice comments. And let me know when you take the plunge and stop editing and just post something. I'll link you and write comments and everything.


Cheryl, the jungian Knitter said...

I just found you, thanks to Marcia's blog. I'll be back!

I am in the process of moving my blog, which will actually contain a wee bit of talk about knitting. Warning: I am not as funny as you are.

Marin (AntiM) said...

Cheryl! New best friend! Maybe we should all go out for drinks...

Let me know when your blog goes public -- I'll read it. And probably comment. I'm glad you think I'm funny, 'cause clearly I think I'm funny and without someone else on board, I'm just delusional... well, MORE delusional. Thanks!