Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sex and Spas and Sticks and Strings

I'm terribly busy and cheating on today's post by making Sarah write it for me. In the comments, Sarah said:

Come on, tell us about the sex! It's been 24 hours. I think we've waited long enough. (I am a boring smug-married, so I like stories.)

Oh, and ... the blanket looks really beautiful! Seriously! I think the differences in stripe placement make it look like a Navajo blanket or something expensive one might purchase in the Southwest on a spa vacation..... yes that's it. A spa vacation.

Uhm, can you por favor tell us why you chose to use linen stitch for a blanket? (Did I miss that somewhere, or is it just implied by virtue of Stupid Blanket's nomenclature?)


Dear Sarah (and anyone else who's interested),

Sex tommorrow, sex yesterday, never sex today...

Sorry, very busy at work. But I PROMISE sex tomorrow. Well, there wasn't any actual sex... I'll try to make it as lusty as I can.

And the garage door was funny and a little prurient.

Linen stitch is really what *makes* Stupid Blanket stupid; I don't like most variegated yarns (flashing, pooling, all that) but I found a pattern using linen stitch w/variegated yarn and it's really cool. All woven and classy lookin'. So when my beloved cousin picked this yarn for her baby's blanket, I thought, "Variegated! I can use linen stitch!"

Please keep in mind that 1) I had knit about three square inches of linen stitch and didn't realise the implication of forty acres of stupid, and 2) I didn't know it was actually more of a striping yarn than a short-repeat variegate that would look all woven and classy in linen stitch.

By the time I had realised how stupid it all was, It was a little late. My brother even suggested switching to something else in the middle and using the linen stitch on both ends, but everything I tried got too busy (there's also a leaf/lace pattern border in solid grey that will be added when the body of Stupid Blanket is done).

And now I have too much pride to be beaten by something I've called Stupid for the last three months. It will be finished soon. I have faith. In the meantime, I have the southwest spa concept to keep me going (thank you).

Really, Sex Toy and the garage door tomorrow.


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