Monday, May 21, 2007


Do you know how many things there are to think about when buying a digital camera? And we all know no good can ever come of thinking.

At least I know what's important to me: small enough to stick in a pocket, image stabilisation for drunken photography and macro capability so I can get good shots of stitch definition.

I'll be toddling over to Office Depot and probably down to Wolf Camera at lunch. I'm already shaking from camera withdrawal; I don't think I could wait a decent amount of time to mourn the old camera before moving on to the new one. I may be the Anna Nicole Smith of digital camera owners.

(If this analogy made sense to you, bless you. I think I'm funny.)

Here's an interesting coincidence that I should maybe file away with "Darjeeling means land of the thunderbolt" and "one horsepower is the amount of force it takes to lift 500 pounds one foot in exactly one second" as useful information: This is not the first time I've lost something valuable by setting it on the roof of the car.

Last March, a friend and I were going hiking, and when I was tossing my backpack in the back of her Subaru, I set my wallet on top of the car and didn't think about it again until we got to the trailhead. Hike cancelled, credit cards cancelled, new driver's license procured (with fancy vision restriction added)...

So I apparently only forget things on the top of the car if 1) they're valuable, and 2) I'm hiking.

Presumably, all I have to do is trigger myself not to set good shit on the top of the car when I hike. I've done it twice now, I should note the emerging pattern. I'm not guaranteeing this will be the case, but at least those of you who might be inclined to hike with me can help keep an eye on me.

[SUMMARY: Same senility, different day.]

Shall we address a couple of items from the comments? Since I'm not sure I want to speak of Marin's Weekend of Redemption and Rejection just yet?

Sure we shall. Know why? 'Cause I'm HBICand I have the keyboard.%

First, for Brother: I'm planning on using "WAYYYYY better knitter than my brother" mostly as a weak substitute for actual satisfaction in our nonexistent, ongoing sibling rivalry.

Second, for Brother: I don't need a camera to post lingerie shots from the lingerie knitting book. Through the magic of the Internets:

Click on her belly button to blow her up. Heh. Digital blow-up doll. Heheh.

[SUMMARY: Internet p0rn at its camera-free, knitted finest.]

Third, for Anna-Liza, the 8 Random Things meme§:

  1. I have told fairy tales to penguins. In their natural habitat.
  2. And otters. Out of their zoo habitat.
  3. I don't like drinks with sugar. I don't mind if they're sweet, mind you, just as long as it's *artificially* sweet.
  4. I have never been in love.
  5. I know every word to "My Baby Takes the Morning Train," which I consider to be the worst, most insidious piece of musical crap every put on the radio, and I would swear to you I've never heard it all the way through even once, but I somehow seem to know every single word.
  6. I actively seek gross sock yarn to knit socks for my father and brother. I have even Googled "gross sock yarn."
  7. I love Canadians in general, Steve Nash in particular.
  8. I use a pre-paid cell phone because, despite my love for technology and gadgets, I still don't like cell phones much and consider mine to be for my convenience rather than yours. This generally costs me about $100 a year and frequently confuses real people in the real world with real cell phone angst. 'Specially since I so often forget it places, let it run entirely out of juice (forgetting to charge it for days) or leave it on the charger (also for days).
I get to tag somebody, right? I don't think I've ever seen Ally answer one of these things. Come to the dark side, Ally...

[SUMMARY: Meme: chain letter of the new millenium.]

FOOTNOTE (crossed): Head Blogga in Charge

FOOTNOTE (double-crossed): I urge you to adopt "WAYYYYY better basketball player than my sister" as your own scrap of cold comfort.

%FOOTNOTE (percented): Oh, the power! The rush! Caligula!

§FOOTNOTE (swerved): See how cool and collected I was there? But this is the first time anyone's ever tagged me, so I feel like a real blogger and all growed up and stuff. Because I'm a dork.

FOOTNOTE (paragraphed): No. It didn't help.

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