Monday, April 7, 2008

But Does He Like-Like Me?

From: Marin
To: Sue
Subject: Sue! It's Marin!

Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 18:38:12 +0000

OK... first, Friday night, just touching base and saying, "Yeah, I'm still there." I'll hit the Coral around 9:30 and we'll go when you're ready.

Second, totally junior high shit: Spelling-Champ-who-kissed-me (and beat me in the spelling bee, but that's not NEARLY as important)... well, I thought he kinda was into me, but the phone never rang. I'm probably delusional, but we had an odd moment at the end of the night that may have been a miscommunication. SO... if it's appropriate, could you just get Sarah to nudge him? Of course, he may be very deliberately not calling, but I'd hate to think he thought I said something vaguely mean and that's why he didn't call. I really enjoyed his company and would like more of it if he's interested.

(do you like me? check yes or no)

Enough girly stupidity.
See you soon,


From: Sarah
To: Marin
Subject: Re: Sue! It's Marin!

Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 18:01:54 +0000

hey marin,

i had noticed some sparks flying around you and the champ (you geeks with your big spelling skills!) and asked him what was up recently... he said he thought he'd gotten your phone number but couldn't find it the next morning. and i believe that's actually the case :-)

i could give him your # again if you like, or you could email him.

good luck!!


So, um... off to compose a witty, sweet, slightly sexy email to The Spelling Bee Champ to remind him why he kissed me in the first place.

Maybe I should just reiterate how I can't spell "boudoir."

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