Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bobmas Morning

You know when you toddle out of bed and there's a party hat and a lei on the stairs and the cat is chasing a magic wand, it was a good party.

The Bobmas revelers Ravelers started trickling in early.

Mary Kay brought all the fixings for party hats. I have revamped my list of people a woman should have in her life to include former pre-school teachers.

She gave me a magic wand. I've always wanted a magic wand.

I used it to try to make the red silk cami reach its tenth inch of 4x1 rib...§

...but I may have used up all the mojo trying to turn a knitter into a sheep.

We had a small Bobmas celebrant.%

KariBeri left her twelve week old son home with her husband for the first time# to join us.

Vanessa tells a hell of a story. And forever endeared herself to me by telling me she hates me for my four-socks-at-once adventure. I consider that high praise.

The Downtown Denver SnB chicas†† made the field trip.

Zoomiejr is between that girl I turned into a sheep and Kari -- she's also a denizen of the DDSnB. And her little dog, Tyler, too.

I counted once, and based on the comings and goings, I'd guess we had fourteen people most of the time, with gusts of up to twenty and a total of twenty-five individuals.

Despite the prevalence of beer glasses, some knitting was done.

I'm very pleased. It was a great bunch with much laughter.

♪♪I'm dreaming of the next Bobmas...♪

'Specially since now I have to go do my taxes.

FOOTNOTE (crossed): A mechanic you can trust, a plumber who can make the flood stop, a good gynecologist...

FOOTNOTE (double-crossed): Um, yeah. It's currently at about 5 inches.

§FOOTNOTE (swerved): I'm tired of ribbing. What genius thought it was a pleasure?

%FOOTNOTE (percented, because the paragraph thing isn't working): Skyler. Or Schuyler. Or some other version. I've never seen Skchuyler's name in print, so all apologies to the little lady herself and her mom, the inimitable Steph.

#FOOTNOTE (pounded): Brave woman. It all turned out OK, though, so... yay, Kari!

††FOOTNOTE (ddouble-ccrossed): Well, that's Mary Kay on the left, but then aemcdraw, moxieknits and koolkat62 (Ravel-wise) from left to right.

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