Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'll Have a Blue Christmas

Or Flag Day.

Or birthday.

Or 4th of July.

The blue rolls on.

[SUMMARY: Airless rut or unprecedented level of consistency? You decide.]

First, I've more or less made peace with the awful raffia silk. It's still splitty as a cheerleader, but I've had some practice and it's knitting pretty smoothly. It weighs about as much as an apple pip, but I have faith it will be a lovely accessory when it's all done and blocked.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love lace? Something like this is just interesting enough to be... interesting,§ but easy enough for TiVi.

Under the auspices of full disclosure, I should note that roughly three seconds after I snapped this shot, the ball of yarn bounded off its perch and bounced on the deck, rolling under the railing and into the rain gutter.

Could've been worse; could've fallen to the alley.

[SUMMARY: Optimist dork.]

Also? I'm working that second ball now.

[SUMMARY: And still twelve.]

I cast on Sunday night -- yet another blue-ish thing -- for Sebring, by Dolce Handknits.#

The Drunken Knitters decided to KAL this... oh, probably two months ago. While I'm lagging, I know Bag Lady Kathryn was two rows in and ready to frog and Genius Sarah didn't like the gauge and was going to frog, so I may not be the wet blanket on the project it appeared I was going to be.

For the record, since this photo was taken, I have knit another six rounds.††

Also for the record, the pattern calls for 6.75 stitches/inch‡‡ and this gives me 6/in, so I went down to a small, which makes me inordinately happy, artificial though it may be.

Also for the record, that's Knit Picks Shine Sport, which I'm kinda loving, and that kinda scares me. It's cotton/modal. I have been pretty vocal about my dislike of plant fibres, but this one doesn't seem to be hurting my hands the way I'd anticipated.

[SUMMARY: Bonus!]

Also for the record?% I already made a mistake on the lace panel on one side, but I figure nobody will notice, so I ain't frogging.

You see why I had to put that after the "bonus!" gloat.


Following my usual MO,§§ I fondled this at Sylvia's House of Fuzzy Crack for about three months before settling on a pattern to justify its purchase:

Just in case you can't see the ongoing blue theme...

Another plant fibre, by the way, but a very interesting texture. Oddly silky for as bumpy as it looks. I'm just dying to see how it knits up.

I suspect the lace motif on the bottom of the tank will be mostly lost in the pebbly bits.

I suspect I don't care.

[SUMMARY: All about the journey.]

Some of you may recognise this as yarn the Harlot recently touted.

Thus, I assume some of you may be terribly jealous and impressed¶¶ at my next blue acquisition.

When I told Sylvia I was having surgery, she decided to give me an extra-special get well gift##:

What do Fiona Ellis,††† the Yarn Harlot and your dear ol' AntiM have in common?

Fiona Ellis has a skein.

The Yarn Harlot has a skein.

I have a skein.

You don't have any.

[SUMMARY: Nya-nya-n-nya-nahhhh.]

Y'all know how much I love exclusive, one-of-a-kind, limited edition, get-it-while-it's-hot stuff. More important, Sylvia knows how much I love exclusive, one-of-a-kind, limited edition, get-it-while-it's-hot stuff.

[SUMMARY: Usual MO.]

And I'm not counting this as fuss. Besides, if fuss comes in the form of silky wool, I may see if I can have open heart surgery next month.

SUMMARY: Still a knitblog!

FOOTNOTE (crossed): Cute Christopher, late of Patrick Carroll's (I'm sure we'll get to that story when he opens his new bar in July), dropped by last night and saw me knitting the fluffly little thing. "That's a for-looks scarf, isn't it? I'm from Minnesota. Scarves like that don't make much sense to me."

FOOTNOTE (double-crossed): k1, yo *k3, k2tog, yo* k2tog... purl on the other side... all with a three-stitch knit selvedge

§FOOTNOTE (swerved): Wow. Too many lolcats: "Interesting cat is interesting."

FOOTNOTE (paragraphed): You may ask yourself, "How many blue projects does one knitter need?" You may ask yourself, "Where is my beautiful red?" You may ask yourself, "How did I get to this place?"

#FOOTNOTE (pounded): Yeah, we love her touseled, provocative pose and snarly face too. There may be a mass snarly-touseled-provocative picture once we all finish our tanks.

††FOOTNOTE (ddouble-ccrossed): At 240 stitches per round, I want full credit.

‡‡FOOTNOTE (doubble-crossssed): ?!?

%FOOTNOTE (percented): I have quite a record with this tank already.

§§FOOTNOTE (yo, k1, yo): Or is that redundant?

¶¶FOOTNOTE (I spy -- hey, they look like periscopes to me): Please?

##FOOTNOTE (all those extra pounds...): She also called me a brat for not telling her exactly when I was having surgery, but I can be pretty laid back about the name-calling in the presence of silk and wool. 'Specially blue silk and wool. She let me pick my own colour. I picked blue. Did I mention the blue phase?

†††FOOTNOTE (Arlington): Who did a sweater workshop at Syl's last weekend. Syl treats her celeb guests right. Y'know... like the Yarn Harlot, Fiona Ellis and me.

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