Monday, March 24, 2008

Turn On Your Pig Light♪

♪♪Let it shine wherever you are...♪

For the record? I had kinda anticipated putting this up Friday, but YouTube has gone all weird on me...

SEE... my camera used to download movies in some bizarre Olympus format (apparently) that Blogger couldn't recognise. There is a place in the Olympus software where it allows you to choose your formats, but all the formats you've ever heard of were checked and things were still going wonky.

SO... I had to upload from the Olympus software to YouTube, then share it to my blog via YouTube. Which worked pretty well for that first video I ever loaded onto the blog.

BUT... then YouTube started taking three days to get the videos to my blog, and it posts them directly, rather than putting them in draft form and allowing me to choose the time of posting.

THEN... I noticed there was an actual media player icon on my piglight movie, so I went to check and my camera is now downloading in AVI, so Blogger can totally deal with that. So I uploaded my shiny new AVI movie to the drafts and waited.

OF COURSE... YouTube chose some time this morning (apparently) to post the thing and now I have to explain all this to you so you'll understand why it's here on Thursday instead of Friday.

AND... we were going to chat about the Denver Dumb Men's League today, but it might have to wait for tomorrow and I may forget all the funny and insightful things I was going to say.

Fucking YouTube.

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