Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Well, Spork Me

You should have seen me, picking this up off the floor of the elevator, carrying it to the kitchen to wash it off... oh, the lengths I go.

After all my fuss in the Great Utensil Debate of 2008, I feel a little sheepish to find sporks are actually the bullies of the kitchen drawer. I don't think I want to be a spork anymore.

Though it might be nice to be on top for a change.

Kelly Calèche - Hermès

Marin says: I am so sad. This is a Jean-Claude Ellena scent. My first JCE was such a revelation, such a pinnacle... I guess I'd hoped it would always be that way.

Turns out it *does* happen to every guy one time or another.

I found this very bitter and green - like one of those sappy grasses or the rind of a lime.

It started very strong, astringent, almost acrid, and only rounded out slightly. Hours of bitter green smell. In the evening, it finally softened into a sweeter, more floral smell, but still green and a little edgy. I'm disappointed how little change there was.

Hermes says: The unexpected caress of leather among flowers. Mimosa, iris, tuberose, and climbing rose. A floral perfume touched by leather.

Hans says: It smells like flowers. [long pause] I'm reverting. With a brain that's not working at all... be sure you tell your blog I'm having a rough day... wait, it smells like that spray stuff [international Hans hand signal for spraying stuff] ...not perfume, of course... like, body spray? Yeah, light and flowery like body spray.

FOOTNOTE (crossed): Yeah, that way too. We're all twelve, but apparently we're twelve-year-old cowgirls.

FOOTNOTE (double-crossed): Leather? That was LEATHER?

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