Friday, April 3, 2009

Confession: Good for the Soul, Hard on the Reputation


I have wrestled with my conscience all week.

Shall I confess or take this shame to my grave, jeopardising all my good and saintly works?§


You know the answer with the asking of the question.

[SUMMARY: Spiritual talk apparently requires stuffy speech patterns.]

Last Friday, when I was snowed in,% I...





I do feel better. Does this require penance?

[SUMMARY: Theology slippery, sainthood in danger...]

The movie was better than the book,# if that makes anyone feel any better.††

FOOTNOTE (crossed): I can usually take my conscience nine falls out of ten.

FOOTNOTE (double-crossed): *gaspROSEBUD!gasp*

§FOOTNOTE (swerved): Like... cake. And... knitting. And... um... Lent. Oh! And not burning the Post Office of the Damned to the ground.

%FOOTNOTE (percented): Technically, I was not snowed in anymore by about 10:00 Friday morning, but I see no reason for that to influence this story.

FOOTNOTE (paragraphed): Like maybe watching it again?

#FOOTNOTE (pounded): This is known in the business as "damning with faint praise."

††FOOTNOTE (ddouble-ccrossed): I feel better. Thank you.

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