Monday, July 21, 2008


This is me, doing a knitblog dance.

[SUMMARY: Because, you know, still a knitblog.]

I have been knitting FURIOUSLY in all my vast spare time, but when one has roughly *coughfourteencough* projects en aiguille,§ one has a devil of a time actually finishing anything.

And yet...

This was one of those "knit until the yarn goes away" things where the ball of yarn just stayed the same size for ages. I'd knit for days.

Knit until my fingers bled.

Knit with the monomaniacal obsession of a teenaged girl for a boy band.

And the yarn ball remained an inch and a half in diameter.

Imagine my surprise Saturday night when a wad of silk the size of a pea came skittering out of the project bag. So I did my garter stitch finish, bound it off and done!

And I didn't just finish knitting. I wove in the ends and washed the smell of lagoon out and blocked.

[SUMMARY: It's not just done, it's done-done.]

Yarn: Alchemy Silken Straw in a colour I call Lagoon
Needles: US4
Pattern: A bastardisation of a pattern from the Alchemy pattern book#

For the record, the cast-on edge had much more slant than the cast-off edge. I had to block the off edge viciously to get it to even come close to the on edge.

For the record, this stuff lost a LOT of colour in the wash. I'm kinda disappointed. Still pretty, but far less remarkable.

For the record, those aren't mistakes you see in the close-up, they're design elements. *cough*

[SUMMARY: Still a knitliar!]

The lagoon smell washed out real nice, though.

FOOTNOTE (crossed): New and improved summaries! Now 97.14% of the original!

FOOTNOTE (double-crossed): It would be funny if my father hadn't called me Friday evening and started with, "Wow. I didn't think I'd find you home on a Friday night." It's now just tragic.

§FOOTNOTE (swerved): I finished the perfume book. Apparently, the constant French referencing has gone to my head.

FOOTNOTE (paragraphed): Why do you suppose there isn't a colour card for this anywhere online -- including the Alchemy website?

#FOOTNOTE (pounded): As you can see, it's not much of a pattern. More like a stitch pattern. I memorised it out of the book (bad Marin! Bad, bad Marin!), but I think I reversed the k2tog and the yo, so it's pretty much copyright-infringement free.

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