Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fresh Index - Pink Jasmine

This isn't one of my experimental perfumes.

Fresh makes some of my all-time favourite perfumes. There aren't that many perfumes that have inspired me to buy a second bottle. Fresh makes most of them.

It all started with a Fodor's guide to New York City. Fodor's said that, as far as shopping went, I really had to go check out Fresh's signature Fig Apricot§ in their Upper East Side store. I didn't want to argue with Mr. Fodor, so I did.#

When Fresh finally came to Colorado, I started branching out from my homey, comfy Fig Apricot into Pink Jasmine, Sugar Lemon and Sake.

Pink Jasmine is a nice, light scent. It's probably the lightest scent I wear, and it's one I gladly trot out for summer††

The first spray releases a bright citrus undercut with something slightly sweeter.

After ten minutes or so, the floral notes really kick in. Fortunately,‡‡ the flowers mingle lightly over the lingering orange smell, which keeps them from being too girlish.% And I never get a lot of jasmine -- jasmine falls in the lilac/orange blossom category of florals I find cloying.

Now, the stuff doesn't last long in any full-scent way.§§ Something lingers all day,¶¶ but three hours in, it's mostly a light watery wood with sparks of white flowers popping through.

One of the things I love about it: As it gets less strident, it gets more complex.

Usually my nose gets all a-twitter in the early roll-out, trying to pick out bits and pieces and often smelling nothing beyond the amalgam.## At the end of the day when a scent is all but washed away, it boils down to something simple, usually sweet and warm like vanilla, amber or myrrh.†††

I think I prefer my stronger notes to seem simpler and my more convoluted smells to be lighter.

It's easier on my ego, if nothing else.

Fresh says: "...strikingly beautiful and completely romantic.
  • Top: red orange,$ freesia, spring lilac
  • Heart: magnolia, peony, fresh jasmine, tiare flower
  • Base: precious woods,$ velvety peach skin, marsh mallow"

Hans says: Light. It's misty. I like it.‡‡‡

FOOTNOTE (crossed): Not anymore.

FOOTNOTE (double-crossed): And the best, favourite gentle cleanser: Fresh Soy Face Cleanser.

§FOOTNOTE (swerved): I'll review that some time in the near future, have no fear. Here's a sneak-peek: Fig... yum.

FOOTNOTE (paragraphed): Yeah, I had no idea how out of my league I was. They were very nice, despite my clear one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-other personal aura.

#FOOTNOTE (pounded): Though we should probably have him arrested for the pusher he is. It was years before Fresh was available in Colorado and I was practically tying off on the airplane every time I went to NYC, anticipating stocking up on the essentials. Y'know... fig and soy. Right after water, merino and this lamp on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

††FOOTNOTE (ddouble-ccrossed): And wear occasionally in the dark of winter just to brighten things up a bit.

‡‡FOOTNOTE (doubble-crossssed): Since too much flower makes me feel all pink and shit.

%FOOTNOTE (percented): Or pink or cloying or whatever it is I don't like about a lot of florals.

§§FOOTNOTE (just a whisp of scent): Light to begin with and edt to boot. Like how I'm talkin' all jargon and stuff? Yeah, I feel hip.

¶¶FOOTNOTE (two wrists are better than one): Tonight as I'm getting undressed, I'll nuzzle my wrists and find something absolutley indecipherable, just a hint above the scent of my own skin.

##FOOTNOTE (like two aldehydes criss-crossing in the night): Brain Age 2 has a training session that consists of two or three words being said at the same time and you have to pick out each word. I'm not good at that either.

†††FOOTNOTE (we'll cross that bridge when we come to it): With my chemistry, it's a wonder I don't melt in the rain.

$FOOTNOTE (right on the money): Ha! Got one!

‡‡‡FOOTNOTE (roll-out): And he does these little hand gestures I wish y'all could see. Polynesian dancers got nothin' on Hans, 'specially when it comes to conveying "misty."

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