Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I'm Todd Helton!†

Remember the good old days when I just thought I was a rock star and occasionally Linda Cohn? Good times, good times.

Oh! And I think it's so funny that y'all are voting on the bachelors in the comments that I'm taking advantage of Blogger's new poll feature to post a poll. You can vote on my sex/love/whatever life!

Keep in mind: with great power comes great responsibility. You have to decide whether to vote for your dear ol' AntiM's happiness and well-being or for sheer entertainment value.

So it's there on the sidebar. Vote early, vote often. If you can, I mean. I have no idea how this poll thing works.


I have some brief updates for you:

Remember how yesterday I included Bachelor #2 primarily because of That Bastard Murphy?

Guess who texted at 4:30 just as I was getting on the elevator?

Am I psycho or what? Psychic? Whatever.

Shut up.

And wanted to get together last night, "...this time with NO beer :)"§

I said I had plans. We agreed to get together next Monday.

I continue to shake my head in wonderment at the stupidity that is me and the spectacular cluelessness that is boys.

[SUMMARY: How many roads must a Marin walk down?]

In other news, Cat for Scale now likes steamed white rice.

FOOTNOTE (crossed): It's a "batting cleanup" reference. Remember: I think I'm funny.

FOOTNOTE (double-crossed): There's actually very little power on your part. I'm going to do whomever... er, WHATEVER my whim tells me to do, but there's a blog gadget and I want to use it. Admit it: you want to use it too.

§FOOTNOTE (swerved): Of course, he started with "r u busy 2nite? want 2 get 2gether?" No matter how hard I try, I can't make myself do Prince speak. I feel... dirty when I try. Anybody else? Or is it just me?

FOOTNOTE (paragraphed): Consisting mainly of "I plan to do takeout Thai and sit on my ass and knit to the tune of Hell's Kitchen for a couple of hours."

You may want to tune in tomorrow. Rumour is I got a skein of festive sock yarn in the mail (an event that carries roughly the same Vegas line as finding me at a bookstore, granted, but it's a REALLY GOOD skein of sock yarn).

Still a knitblog...

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