Monday, September 10, 2007

Hey, Mo!

Darling Mo, sweet Mo, my main Mo...

Thanks for coming to visit me and just me a couple of weeks ago. It blew my mind so hard I almost passed out from the excitement. When the fog cleared, I was afraid to approach the wonder that is you (for fear of relapse), so I kept it on the QT.

I feel I can handle it now.

Here's your shout-out.


p.s. -- you're at least as big a dork as I am. It may be why I love you so. Also? I didn't blog about Aunt Chris either, so you shouldn't feel too bad. And the part where I said Garrett was Vanessa's husband (instead of her brother, for those of you scoring at home)? That would have been prime blogfodder had I blogged at all.

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