Wednesday, September 12, 2007


There is a knitting analogy to be drawn in this story.

And because I know news stories on the Innernets don't last forever, the gist is that various spider species -- hundreds or thousands of spiders, I'm guessing -- built on each other's webs to make one giant web covering 200 yards over a pond outside of Dallas.

ETA: Photos

Most spider species are solitary and cannibalistic, but because of excellent feeding conditions, these are living in harmony. They no longer have individual webs, but are sharing their stash§ foundations with their fellow spiders so that they all may partake of the bounty of mosquitos and other insects this summer has brought them.

Of course, I get the feeling if the pickings get slim, it's every spider for herself.

You may draw your own conclusions.

Now I have to go work.

FOOTNOTE (crossed): *brrrrrrrrrrrshudder*

FOOTNOTE (double-crossed): "I'm moving in to your web until the contractors finish mine."

"Eat me, Marge."

§FOOTNOTE (swerved): Did anybody notice I finally figured out how to cross stuff out?

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