Sunday, September 23, 2007

SO Unfair!

I had to set my fantasy league before running off to pick up my Broncos tickets and there was my invitation to Ravelry and I signed in and my name is TheAntiM and you can come say hi and make me your friend and all that and do you think the Harlot or Juno would let me be their Ravelry friend 'cause that would make my inner stalker very very happy but that's not the point because I have mere seconds before I have to be out of the house and I couldn't do more than barely dabble and I almost forgot to set my fantasy team not that that would be a tragedy since I didn't make any changes from last week but still I had to at least LOOK at it to determine that and if I had had to make changes I may have been late and that would have sucked but not as much as having a Ravelry me all set up and being completely unable to revel in my Ravelry and I really really do have to leave now so think of me languising at the game without my Ravelry.

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