Monday, September 3, 2007

Two Things

Dear loyal readers, friends, family and those who stumbled on this blog Googling "huge dick knits my new best friend" --

1) I forgot to put Douglas Adams on my author list. I have a sneaking suspicion I will wake up in the middle of the night in a cold, cold sweat more than once in the coming weeks, panting, eyes wide and heart pounding as I recall a favourite that I left off the list.

I am that kind of dork.

2) OK, OK... Sylvia isn't shutting down entirely. She just moved. I have many pictures of that process. I also helped polish the new floor. And I put all the Noro in the new store (how jealous are you? I got to fondle ALL the Noro.) She may even let me guest-blog on the store blog since I have all the pictures.

I also had fantasies of a spectacular The Moving of a Fuzzy Crack Den: a Before-and-After Photo Essay. That's what I thought I was setting myself up for with the "goodbye, little shop" schtick.

For now, I apologise to those of you who expressed sympathy or panic.


3) As it turns out, the chances of me being able to post tomorrow are slim to none. A client we've been ignoring all month will no longer be ignored and between the looming deadline for the current big client and the immediate crisis that is the poor, redheaded stepchild of a client, I doubt I'll have time.

My photo essay fantasies will have to wait at least another day.

Um... yes, that's three things.

I'm so buggy from reading tiny little numbers and extrapolating them into a usable spreadsheet that I lost four long ago and now can no longer even count to three.

See you Wednesday. Miss you already.


p.s. -- While stocking today, we were listening to the soft rock station and guess what came on? "whoa whoa... you get the best of my duh..."

I shit you not.

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