Friday, September 28, 2007


TTHFCIF or out?

See, I heard they were in last year, but I never saw a single pair in the wild.

Then I heard they were in again this year.

Then I got this email from Nordstrom and there was a totally luxe, sexy (yes, I said it) pair of legwarmers-that-they-didn't-call-legwarmers featured.

Now I can't find the damned things to confirm.

Not that I would wear legwarmers simply because they might be fashionable, but the continuing trend of 80's fashions rearing their ugly heads fascintates me. Not to mention the fact that I can hear legwarmers are in for two straight years and never see a pair.

I actually had the thought that Vogue and Target and the TiVi told us legwarmers were in, and a collective "Meh" was heaved across the nation and NOBODY PAID ATTENTION.

Wouldn't that be something?

What if they held a fashion trend and nobody came?

But in my travels, seeking the wiley Nordstrom Legwarmer-That-is-Not-a-Legwarmer, I found some fibre trends you might be interested in. At least I found them interesting.

For instance, Old Navy:

Seriously. Knitted boots.

And mostly I ignore sweaters for this purpose, as my bent is not so much "what are the trends in fashion?" as "where is there knitted stuff I might be able to copy?" but this one was interesting. Would you rather have the bricks or the back of the bricks? It seems strained in its avant-gardeness.

And the colourway is called "grape jelly."


But for all that bitching, I kinda like the sweater.

And bags. Aren't there always bags? It seems these are bags for which I pretty much already have a pattern, though.

Now on to Nordstrom.

I searched high and low for the Legwarmers/Not Legwarmers, to no avail. Perhaps they are out already.

There are scarves, though. I quite like this one.

However, I'm pretty sure I've seen the first one of this pair on a couch in Wisconsin. And the second one... isn't that on the cover of the 1979 Vogue Knitting winter issue?

Juicy does knits. Juicy likes really long gloves. I like Juicy's really long gloves.

Juicy also apparently likes big pom-pons. I'm not so sure about that one.

Let's play a fashion version of duck, duck, goose.

There are three caps here. Do you know what kind of hats they are?

Newsboy... Newsboy... Cabby! RUN!

So if the daughter of a friend asks me for a cabby hat for Christmas, do I just knit her a newboy cap and hope it will suffice? Or is there a dire and embarrassment-mongering difference that will ruin her life if I get it wrong?

This next one made me giggle. I'm still fighting the cupcake in my bra, so... y'know. Cupcakes.

And this is wholly unremarkable -- one of those one-skein wonder things -- but Juicy thinks their knitted headband is worth $45.00. I'm guessing the profit margin after paying the Filipino kindergartner his $.002 and the $1.37 in yarn... aught plus aught, carry the aught... MANY.

Many profit margins.

Uh... no.

And this has nothing to do with knitting, but isn't putting targets on your boobs redundant?

Have a lovely weekend, ev'ry-bahdy!

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